About Me

I am a self thought Freelancer and YouTuber. Google and YouTube content creators are my teachers. I positioned myself from knowing nothing to a Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork and grew a YouTube channel by my name to over 100k subscribers!

My journey was never ever been straightforward and smooth, but it proceeded with ups and downs, a whole lot of failures and struggles!

Started my freelancing journey as an Admin Support service provider as a Virtual Assistant.

Now I own and operate few online businesses and I train people to become professioanl freelancer, start working from home, get flexibility and make life better than ever before.


Became Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork

It was challenging at the beginning to manage multiple projects, multiple clients at the same time and to keep them satisfied as a beginner on Upwork. But after working with around 50 clients, I was able to achieve the Top Rated Badge on my Upwork profile, and it was a tremendious joy and experience for me.


Best Seller Instructor on Udemy

I published my very first Data Entry course on Udemy in the mid of 2019, within few months the course attracted over few thousands of students and as it consistantly received positive reviews and ratings from the students - it became one of the Best Seller courses on Udemy!


100000 Subscribers on YouTube

Started putting contents on YouTube to help some of the friedns I gained from around the world throughout the journey of my freelancing carrier. But as I started receiving questions on comments of the videos, I kept putting new contenst to help the subscribers. The channel grew slowly, but here we are a family of over 100k subscribers now!