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I am a self taught Online Hustler.

A Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork, Affiliate Marketer and an Instructor with Best Seller Online Course on Udemy.

In the beginning of 2012, my journey started from the ground - knowing nothing except finding information online.

I learned from random resources, I progressed with ups and downs, a whole lot of experiments, failures, and struggles and finally success showed up!

And, thousands of my students are making money online as freelancers and many of them are TOP RATED on marketplaces ✌️


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Became Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork

Officially I joined Upwork on 2014. It was challenging at the beginning to manage multiple projects, multiple clients at the same time and to keep them satisfied as a beginner on Upwork. But after working with around 50 clients, I was able to achieve the Top Rated Badge on my Upwork profile, and it was a tremendious joy and experience for me.


Best Seller Instructor on Udemy

I published my very first Data Entry course on Udemy in the mid of 2019, within few months the course attracted over few thousands of students and as it consistantly received positive reviews and ratings from the students - my Data Entry Course for Beginners became one of the Best Seller courses on Udemy!


100k Subscribers on YouTube

Started putting contents on YouTube to help some of the friedns I meet from around the world throughout the journey of my freelancing carrier. But as I started receiving questions on comments of the videos, I kept putting new contenst to help the subscribers. The channel grew slowly, but here we are a family of over 100k subscribers now!



Data Entry Course

Organized for beginners!

This course is organzed for all the beginner people who want to learn Data Entry skills and start providing data entry services to their clients.

Data Entry Course for Beginners
Easy Job to Start Freelancing

Easy Freelancing Job

Start freelincing in 7 Days!

This course is designed for people who are interested to learn an easy skill, become job ready in less than a week and to start their freelancing journey the fastest way!


  • Great and perfect training so far. And now I completed the project and completed the practise sheets, I feel pretty confident about taking up data entry works. The course is extremely useful as the instructor Mr. Azharul Rafi shows clearly every step towards the success for beginners besides highlighting the hassles and struggles ahead, and how to solve them confidently. Excellent course on Data entry training.

    Yasmin Muhammad E.

    Great Course for Beginners

    Yasmin Muhammad E.
  • This course was perfect for me as a beginner. I learned a lot It is very easy to do and understandable. the instructor was very thorough and helpful. I would recommend this course. I loved the fact that the videos weren't long, boring drawn out and just straight to the point my type of learning. Thank you so much.

    Cynthia Stogner

    Learned a lot about Data Entry

    Cynthia Stogner
  • This course of very helpful and clearcut guidence for the beginners. It helps a lot. Thank you Mr. MD AZHARUL ISLAM RAFY regarding course for beginners.

    M M.

    Helpful Course

    M M.

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